James R. Farmer

Assistant Professor
Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies

(812) 856-0969
PH 133

  • Indiana University, Ph.D., 2009
  • Indiana University, M.S., 2006
  • Indiana University, B.S., 2000
  • R372 Interpretatioin and Tour Guiding
  • R395 Data Base Decision Making
  • V600 Master's Capstone
  • Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Center for Environmental Action, Earlham College
  • Assistant Professor, Marshall Univeristy
  • Middle and High School Social Studies Teacher, Columbus, IN
  • Director of Programs, Foundation for Youth, Columbus, IN
  • Co-Director, Camp Palawopec
Research Interests

My research focuses on the motivations and barriers to sustainable behavior. I most commonly utilize mixed-methods research designs to examine behavior variables in private land conservation, land trust activities, participation in local food systems, and the human dimensions of sustainable agriculture and rural living.

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Selected Publications


Knapp, D., Dawson, S., & Farmer, J. (2012). Impact of a resident camp experience on children with chronic illness. Therapeutic Recreation Journal.

Farmer, J. (2012). The leisure in living local: local foods as a benchmark. Leisures Sciences, 34(5), 1-6.

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Farmer, J., Chancellor, C., Gooding, A., Shubowitz, D., & Dryant, A. (2011). Farmers' markets and the contribution of recreation to local food system participation. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 29(3), 11-23.

Farmer, J., Chancellor, C., & Fischer, B.C. (2011). Room to romp and roam: how open space and natural areas may impact land conservation behavior. Natural Areas Journal, 31(3), 340-348.

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Chancellor, H.C., Norman, W.C., Farmer, J., & Coe, E.E. (2010). Tourism organizations and land trusts: a sustainable approach to natural resource conservation ? Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 19(7), 863-875. (Impact Factor: 1.539; cited 3 times)