David K. Lohrmann

Applied Health Science

Applied Health Science

(812) 856-5101
PH 116

  • University of Michigan, Ph.D., 1981
  • University of Michigan, M.A., 1975
  • University of Michigan, B.S., 1970
  • H352 Secondary School Health Curriculum and Strategies
  • H452 Secondary School Health Strategies and Assessment
  • H464 Coordinated School Health Programs
  • H510 Organization of School Health Programs
  • H552 Instructional Planning for Public Health Settings
  • Honor Award, Eta Sigma Gamma National Health Science Honorary Society (for career service to profession)
  • AAHE Scholar Award, American Association for Health Education (highest award for career productivity)
  • William A. Howe Award, American School Health Association (highest award for career service)
  • Award of Excellence, American Cancer Society
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington
  • Past President, American School Health Association
Research Interests

School health promotion programs, school health education, alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse prevention

Selected Publications

Lohrmann, D.K., Youssefagha, A.H., Jayawardene, W.P.(2014). Trends in BMI and Prevalence of Extreme High Obesity among Pennsylvania Children and Adolescents, 2007-2011:  Promising but Cautionary. American Journal of Public Health. [published ahead of print]. 0 0:0, e1-e7. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2013.301851

 Jayawardene W.P., YoussefAgha A.H., Lohrmann D.K., El Afandi G.S. (2013). Prediction of Asthma Exacerbations among Children through Integrating Air Pollution, Upper-Air, and School Health Surveillances. Allergy and Asthma Proceedings, (1) 34. 34 1-8.

 YoussefAgha, A. H., Lohrmann, D.K. (2013). Use of Data-Mining to Reveal Body Mass Index (BMI) Patterns Among Pennsylvania School Children, PK-12. Journal of School Health. 83 (2) 85-92.

 Herbert, P., Lohrmann, D.K., Seo, D.C. Stright, A.D., & Kolbe, L.J. (2013). Effectiveness of the Energize Elementary School Program to Improve Diet and Exercise. Journal of School Health. 83 (11), 780-786.

 Shipley, M., Lohrmann, D.K., Barnes, P., O’Neill, J. (2013). Advantages of Coordinated School Heath Portfolios:  Documenting and Showcasing Achievements.  Journal of School Health. 83 (4) 243-248.

 DeWitt, N., Lohrmann, D. K., O’Neill, J., Clark. J. (2011).  A Qualitative Analysis of Success Stories from Michiana Coordinated School Health Leadership Institute Participants.  Journal of School Health. 81 (12) 727-732.

 Herbert, P., Lohrmann, D.K.  (2011). It’s All in the Delivery: An Analysis of Instructional Strategies from Effective Health Education Curricula. Journal of School Health.  81 (5) 258-264.

 Lohrmann, D.K. (2011).  Thinking of a change: health education for the 2020 generation.  American Journal of Health Education. 45 (5) 258- 269.

 Lohrmann, D.K. (2008).  A complimentary ecological model of coordinated school health promotion. Public Health Reports. 123 (6) 695-703.