Jon Macy

Assistant Professor
Applied Health Science
(812) 856-0704
PH C026

  • Indiana University, Ph.D., 2009
  • Emory University, M.P.H., 1996
  • DePauw University, B.A., 1993
  • SPH H695 Acquiring & Managing External Funds
  • SPH C366 Community Health
  • SPH C644 Field Experience in Public Health
  • Assistant Scientist/Project Director Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (July 2010 - August 2010)
  • Research Associate/Project Director Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (November 2003 - June 2010)
  • Assessment, Surveillance, and Epidemiology Unit Manager/District Epidemiologist DeKalb County Board of Health, Decatur, GA (October 2002 - October 2003)
  • ORISE Fellow/Research Epidemiologist Foodborne and Diarrheal Diseases Branch Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA (June 2000 - October 2002)
  • Grants and Development Coordinator HealthNet, Inc., Indianapolis, IN (October 1998 - June 2000)
  • Ryan White Title III Project Director Marion County Health Department, Indianapolis, IN (February 1998 - October 1998)
  • Public Health Coordinator Bridges to Community, Inc., Managua, Nicaragua (January 1996 - January 1998)
Research Interests

Research interests include public health policy, especially tobacco control policy and how it influences tobacco use behaviors; public health program planning, implementation, and evaluation; and interventions to promote smoking cessation among adults and tobacco use prevention among adolescents.

Selected Publications

Macy, J.T., Chassin, L., & Presson, C.C. (2012). The assocation between implicit and explicit attitudes toward smoking and support fro tobacco control measures. Nicotine and Tobacco Research. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1093/ntr/nts117.

Macy, J.T., Middlestadt, S.E., Seo, D.-C, Kolbe, L.J., & Jay, S. (2012). Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior to explore the relation between smoke-free air laws and quitting intentions. Health Education and Behavior, 39, 27-34.

Middlestadt, S. E., Macy, J. T., Seo, D.-C., Jay, S. J., & Kolbe, L. J. (2012). The Combined Effect of Behavioral Intention and Exposure to a Smoke-free Air Law on Taking Measures to Quit Smoking. Health Promotion Practice, 13, 553-558.

Rydell, R.J., Sherman, S.J., Boucher, K.L., & Macy, J.T. (2012). The role of motivational and persuasive message factors in changing implicit attitudes toward smoking. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 34, 1-7.

Sherman, S.J., Chassin, L., Sherman, J.W., Presson, C.C., & Macy, J.T. (2012). Tattori psicosociali e comportamenti dei fumatori adolescent e adulti. Risultati e conclusion da uno studio longitudinale durato trent'anni. Psicologia Sociale, 7, 7-30.

Macy, J.T., Chassin, L., & Presson, C.C. (2012). Smoking behaviors and attitudes during adolescence prospectively predict support for tobacco control policies in adulthood. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 14, 871-879.

Macy, J.T. & Hernandez, E.L. (2011). The impact of a local smoke-free air law on wagering at the off-track betting vacility in Indiana. Tobacco Control, 30, 383-384.

Seo, D.-C, Macy, J.T., Torabi, M.R., & Middlestadt, S.E.. (2011). The effect of a smoke-free campus policy on college students' smoking behaviors and attitudes. Preventive Medicine, 53, 347-352.

Chassin, L., Presson, C., Sherman, S.J., Seo, D.-C, & Macy, J.T. (2010). Implicit and explicit attitudes predict smoking cessation: Moderating effects of experienced failure to control smoking and plans to quit. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 24, 670-679.

Chassin, L., Macy, J. T., Presson, C. C., Seo, D.-C., & Sherman, S. J. (2010). The association between membership in the sandwich generation and health behaviors: A longitudinal study. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 31, 38-46.

Sherman, S. J., Chassin, L., Presson, C., Seo, D.-C., & Macy, J. T. (2009). The intergenerational transmission of implicit and explicit attitudes toward smoking. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45, 313-319.

Chassin, L., Presson, C., Sherman, S. J, Seo, D.-C., Macy, J., Wirth, R. J., & Curran, P. (2008). Multiple trajectories of smoking and the intergenerational transmission of smoking: A multigenerational, longitudinal study of a Midwestern community sample. Health Psychology, 27, 819-828.

Macy, J. T., Seo, D.-C., Chassin, L., Presson, C. C., & Sherman, S. J. (2007). Prospective predictors of long-term abstinence versus relapse among smokers who quit as young adults. American Journal of Public Health, 97, 1470-1475.