Laura McCloskey

Director, I.U. Center for Research on Health Disparities
Applied Health Science

Applied Health Science
(812) 855-4980
PH 011B

  • University of Rochester, P.D., 1988
  • University of Michigan, Ph.D., 1986
  • University of Washington-Seattle, B.S., 1979
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.A., 1976
  • C-594 Program Evaluation
  • C-589 Determinants and Theory of Health Behavior
  • C-717 Adolescent behavioral health
  • C-310 Healthcare in diverse communities
  • H-457 Trauma and the Family
  • Assistant to Associate professor, Department of Psychology, University of Arizona
  • Associate professor, Harvard School of Public Health
  • Associate professor, School of Social Policy & Practice, University of Pennsylvania
  • Director, Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute, Detroit
  • Professor, College of Health Sciences, University of Illinois
Past External Grants (R01)

Agency for Children, Youth & Familites (ACYF-NCCAN) (R01)
(R01) Psychiatric and behavioral consequences for children of battered women

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) (R01)
(R01) The intergenerational transmission of aggression

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) (R01)
The costs and benefits of interventions for abused women

Research Interests

The impact of interpersonal violence on health of women and children; the long-term health costs of abuse in families; resilience among abused family members; adolescent girls' socio-sexual health.

My research addresses the question of how abuse in families threatens the health of women and children. I seek to understand the keys to resilience for victims of interpersonal abuse and especially to identify sources of resilience in the environment. Such information is important to end a "cycle of violence" in families. I am also interested in how girls from abusive homes eventually develop and form relationships of their own which may compromise their future health. To that end I am designing a health prevention program for girls who are at risk for relationship abuse.

Selected Publications

Bailey, J. & McCloskey, L.A. (2005). Pathways to substance use among sexually abused girls. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 33, 39-53.

McCloskey, L.A., Williams, C., & Larsen, U. (2005). Gender inequality and intimate partner violence in Tanzania. Internaltional Journal of Family Planning Perspectives, 31(3), 1023.

McCloskey, L.A., Lichter E., Williams, C., Gerber, M., Wittenberg, E., & Ganz, M. (2006) Assessing partner violence in healthcare settings leads to women patients' improved well-being and health. Public Health Reports, 121, 435-444.

McCloskey, L.A., Williams, C.M., Lichter, E., Gerber, M., Gantz, M., Wittenberg, E., & Sege, R. (2007) Abused women disclose partner interference with health care: An unrecognized form of battering. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 22, 1067-1072.

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McCloskey, L.A. (2011) A systematic review of interventions to prevent child abuse tested with RCT designs in High Income Countries. Commissioned report, Sexual Violence Research Institute, Medical Research Council, South Africa,

McCloskey, L.A. (2013) The intergenerational transfer of mother-daughter risk for gender-based abuse. Psychodynamic Psychiatry, 41(2), 301-326.