Susan Smith

Adjunct Associate Professor
Applied Health Science
(812) 325-0069

  • University of Tennessee, Ed.D., 1989
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, M.S.P.H, 1975
  • Berry College, B.S., 1973
  • Served as Director, UT Safety Center and Associate Professor of Safety & Health Education, University of Tennessee 2002-2009 & Assistant Professor of Safety & Health Education, 1996-2002
  • Served as Associate Director, Center for Improving Mountain Living, Western Carolina University 1978-1995
  • Received 2008 Excellence in Research Award given by the International Emergency Management Society
  • Awarded 2006 Board of Delegates NSC Award for Special Contributions to Safety & Injury Prevention of Hispanic and Foreign Born Workers
  • Received 2005 New Horizon Research Award - National Safety Council
  • 2004 the National Distinguished Service to Safety Award, the highest award of the National Safety Council
  • 2004 Awarded the Homeland Security Certificate Level III - American College of Forensic Examiners Institute
Research Interests

Dr. Smith's research interests include the development and assessment of public sector education, training and management programs designed to reduce injuries and fatalities within a community, region or state. Her research and training materials have also been utilized by community and regional public, private and non-profit organizations to improve emergency planning and evacuation procedures for high risk groups including children and adults who are mobility limited or hearing impaired such as the vulnerable elderly. As an active author and member of national professional organizations, Dr. Smith has served as a board member and officer of the National Safety Council and the International Emergency Management Society. She has presented research at national professional conferences of both of these professional organizations as well as at annual conferences of the American Alliance of Health Education and the American Public Health Association.

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Textbook Section

"Section II Emergency Preparedness in the Section of Applied Science and Engineering," TheSafety Professionals Handbook: Technical Applications, American Society of Safety Engineers, ISBN 978-1-885581-53-2 First Edition, Contributing Author, (June 2008) 317-342. Co-authors: S. M. Smith & K. Council

Electronic Peer Reviewed Healthcare Book Series

Compliance Acute Care Facilities Safety Series- Electronic Media Thomson Delmar Learning (February 2007) 1-375 Author: Susan M. Smith

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Smith S. M. Trementhic, M. J., Johnson, P. and Gorski J., "Disaster Planning and Response: Considering the Needs of the Frail Elderly," The International Journal of Emergency Management. Vol. 6, No. 1, (2009) 1-13.

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