Kiboum Kim

Kiboum Kim

(812) 856-5619
HPER 133

  • Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy 2009
  • M.S., Master of Science 1999
  • B.S., Bachelor of Science 1996
Post Doctoral Fellow, School of Health Education, and Recreation, Indiana University (2009-2010)

Asian Association of Utah, Utah (2007-2009)

Graduate Research Assistant -- University of Utah (2004-2009)

Grant Funded: 2008 AAU EXCELS Academy. Developing Leadership Skills among Refugee Youth (13-16) using Self-Determination Theory. ($50,000)

Grant Funded: AAU EXCELS Academy: Developing leadership skills among refugee youth (age 13-16) residing in Salt Lake area using self-determination theory. ($10,000)


His research interest is implementing and testing the impact of a theory-based intervention on changes in social, emotional, psychological, and physical behaviors. This approach focuses on manipulation of personal, social and environmental factors as they relate to active engagement in leisure behaviors among people with special needs. Study population groups include individuals with special health care, refugee youth, people with disabilities, and their caregivers. Dr. Kim has an expertise in developing and validating measurement instruments and examining quantitative data using statistical analysis methods. Recently, he has developed several simulated dynamic systems models to explain the complex relationships of leisure behavior.