Anne Lucas


Bradford Woods, IU's Outdoor Center


Phi Delta Kappa member

Indiana State Teachers Association member

ASCD member

Grant to fund pedometers for all 5th graders at University School, Bloomington, Indiana. This was part of a program we developed to help children get in better shape and be more aware of their physical health.

Association of School Principals member

Reforestation of part of the school property in which I taught. I organized the teaching of how to plant trees for approximately 500 children.

I taught elementary school for 28 years in all grades from K-6. I was a coordinator for a service organization for high school senieros called "LOTS" or Leadership Opportunities Through Science. During my tenure as a teacher, I was on literally every committee at one time or another, led some, and participated actively in others. I was involved in creating new cirriculum, evaluating our school programs with several teachers on a task force after NCLB became law, and working on the PL221 committee for school improvemens and planning for meeting the annual yearly progress required by law.