Thomas Orr

Thomas Orr

(812) 855-4711
Smith Research Institute 190-F

  • Ph.D. (c), Doctor of Philosophy 0
  • M.S., Master of Science 2005
  • B.A., Bachelor of Arts 2001
Camp Director, Pro Ambitions - Boston Bruins Youth Hockey Camp, 2010-Present

Research Associate, Indiana University Research & Teaching Preserve, 2003-Present

Research Associate, USPORT, 2005-Present

Executive Secretary, Bloomington Ice House Foundation, 2003-Present

Head Coach, Indiana University Hoosier Ice Hockey Club, 2005-2010

Assistant Intramural and Club Sport Director, University of North Dakota Athletic Department, 1997-2001

Correctional Officer II, North Dakota State Penitentiary, Summers 1999-2004


My research activities have focused on sport policy and the social psychology of leisure experiences. My scholarly work focuses on these major research areas:

Sport Violence (aggression/rage/deviancy), Leadership, Sport Policy, Youth Development, Management, Prison Recreation, Leisure Terrorism, and Pedagogy.