Daniel L. Agley

Research Associate
Applied Health Science

(812) 855-9221
501 N. Morton St., Suite 110

  • University of Maryland, College Park, Ed. D., 1988
  • Indiana University Bloomington, M.S., 1968
  • Indiana University, Bloomington, BS, 1966
  • H381 Introduction of Statistics (Indiana University)
  • H649 Program Evaluation (Towson Univeristy)
  • H625 Research Methods (Towson University)
  • H315 Professional Writing (Towson University)
  • H435 Introduction to Epidemiology (Towson University)
  • Faculty, Towson University
  • Program Evaluator, Towson University:  NSP II (3 years)
  • Program Evaluator, Towson University:  ATM (4 years)
  • Program Evaluator for Maryland Governor's Council of Adolescent Pregnancy (4 years)
  • Program Evaluator for Indiana's DMHA's Dissemination and Implementation Grant (SAT-ED) (2 years)
Research Interest

Health Promotion:  Focus Areas:  Sleep Deprivation as Risk Factor & College Health Promotion

Emergency Preparedness

Program Planning

Program Evaluation

Quantitative Statistics

Selected Publications

LTC Austin, E., COL Nelson, H.W., MAJ Agley, D.L., McCormick, M.J., Jerome, G.J., Phillips, R.M., LTC Kirwan, J., Weinstein, M., BG Minken, S.  (2012).  Emergency Preparedness Education Using Full Scale Exercies.  State Defense Force Monograph Series

Nelson, H.W., Agley, D.L., Netting, F.E., Borders, K., & Huber, R.  (2012).  Sub-State Long-Term Care Ombudsmen Program Coordinator's Perceptions of their Programs' Readiness to Assist Elder-Care Residents during a Disaster.  Nonprofit and Voluntary Quarterly

Agley, J.D., Agley, D.L., Gassman, R.A., & Jun, J.K.  (2010).  "Sleep, Stress, and Cigarette Smoking Among College Students.  The Health Education Monograph Series, 27(1)

Dodd, Biggs, Agley, Dollman & Lushington.  (2008).  Rethinking the Obesity Battle:  The 24 Hour Day.  Health Lifestyles Journal, 3