Omayma Alshaarawy

Visiting Scholar
Epidemiology and Biostatistics

  • West Virginia University School of Public Health, Ph.D., 2013
  • Cairo University Kasr Alainy School of Medicine, MBBS, 2006
  • 2013 - 2015: Postdoctoral research fellow, NIDA T32 Training Program in Drug Dependence Epidemiology, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Michigan State University
  • NIDA Director's Travel Award 2015
  • American Diabetes Association's Young Investigator Travel Grant 2012
Research Interests

Dr. Alshaarawy's research background is in the epidemiology of chronic disease, mainly diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Her predoctoral work focused on the association of background exposure to environmental chemicals and diabetes mellitus and CVD. Dr. Alshaarawy's postdoctoral research included the human health effects of extra-medical drug use with a focus on cannabis (marijuana) use.

Selected Publications

Serum cotinine levels and diabetes mellitus in never smokers. Alshaarawy O & Elbaz HA. Journal of Diabetes and its Complications. 2015

Cannabis Smoking and Diabetes Mellitus: Results from Meta-analysis with Eight Independent Replication Samples. Alshaarawy O & Anthony JC. Epidemiology. 2015

Cannabis smoking and serum C-reactive protein: A quantile regressions approach based on NHANES 2005-2010. Alshaarawy O & Anthony JC. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 2015

Month-wise estimates of tobacco smoking during pregnancy for the United States, 2002-2009. Alshaarawy O & Anthony JC. Maternal and Child Health Journal. 2015