Daniella Chusyd

(812) 855-0240
PH 394

  • University of Alabama, Birmingham, Ph.D., 2018
  • Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel, M.A, 2010
  • University of Florida, B.S., 2006
  • UAB School of Health Professions Dean's Leadership Award, 2018 
  • Recipient of the Howerde E. Sauberlich Award for Excellence in Nutrition Science Research, 2017
  • Recipient of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Outstanding Woman Award, 2016
  • Recipient of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s President’s Diversity Award, 2015
  • NIA Predoctoral Diversity Supplement: "Sex hormones and arthritis in a long-lived animal model."
  • Eppley Foundation for Research Grant: "Body composition and inflammation in overweight and obese cycling and non-cycling zoo African elephants."
  • Smithsonian Institution's Scholarly Award for Science Grant: "Novel assessments of body composition and relation to metabolic status and fat stores in Asian elephants."
Research Interests

Dr. Chusyd investigates how anthropogenic and ecological factors impact elephant endocrinology and reproductive success.

Selected Publications

Chusyd DE, Wang D, Huffman DM, Nagy TR. 2016. Relationships between Rodent White Adipose Fat Pads and Human White Adipose Fat Depots. Front Nutr. 3:10.

Chusyd DE, Brown JL, Hambly C, Johnson MS, Morfeld KA, Patki A, Speakman JR, Allison DB, Nagy TR. 2018. Adiposity and reproductive cycling status in zoo African elephants. Obesity. 26: 103-110.