Cassandra Coble
(812) 856-5461
PH 112E

  • University of Connecticut, Ph.D, 2014
  • Michigan State University, MSc, 2010
  • University of Florida, BSc, 2005
  • SPH-M211 Introduction to Sport Management
  • SPH-M318 Managing the Sport Enterprise
  • SPH-M518 Governance in Sport Management
  • SPH-M425 Sport Governance in the Global Community
  • SPH-M404 Facility and Event Management
Research Interests

My research interests focus on experiential learning techniques, specifically the use of service learning and community engagement in sport courses. My work explores the relationship between the community, the faculty, and the student, in an effort to maximize the use of these practices. Additionally, my work focuses on pedagogical concepts such as active learning and internships in an attempt to strengthen the use of these practices by sport management faculty.

In addition to research on teaching, my work explores youth sport programs, examining aspects such as gender in youth sport management and youth sport travel.

Selected Publications

Buning, R., & Coble, C.J. (2018). “I Mean, You Don’t Really Have a Choice”: The Youth Sport Travel Experience. North American Society for Sport Management, Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 5th-9th. (Oral).

Coble, C. J., Padgett, E. (2018). Administrating internships in sport management: Comparing practices across the discipline. North American Society for Sport Management, Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 5th-9th. (Oral) .

Fuller, R., McGarry, J., Coble, C., Evanovich, J., & Zastoupil, G. (2017).Action research in a campus-community partnership: Lessons learned. SAGE Research Methods Cases.

Coble, C.(2017). Active learning in large classes. North American Society for Sport Management, Denver, CO, May 30th-June 3rd. (Teaching and Learning Fair).

Whitley, M. A., Coble, C., & Jewell, G. S.(2016).Evaluation of a sport-based youth development programme for refugees. Leisure/Loisir, 40, 175-199.

Coble, C.& McNary, E. M.(2016).Peer evaluation in team-based learning. North American Society for Sport Management, Orlando, FL, May 31 – June 4. (Teaching and Learning Fair).

Coble, C., Kerwin, S., Kaplanidou, K. (2015). Sport infrastructure in a small community: User and non-user perceptions of the impact on the community. International Journal of Sport Management.

Buning, R., Coble, C., Kerwin, S. (2015). Children and adolescents\' progressive involvement with sport: Towards a more through developmental mode of sports participation. Journal of Amateur Sport.

Bruening, J., Welty Peachy, J., Evanovich, J., Fuller, R., Coble, C., Percy, V., Silverstein, L., & Chung, M. (2015). Managing sport for social change: The effects of intentional design and structure in sport based service learning initiative. Sport Management Review.