Shay L. Dawson

Adjunct Faculty
Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies
(765) 342-2915
Bradford Woods

  • Kent State University, M.A.
  • Kent State University, B.S.
  • SPH Y225 Disability, Health, and Function
  • SPH R250 International Comparative Exchange: Services for Children with Disabilities
  • SPH Y561 Advanced Processes in Recreational Therapy Practice
  • Board Chair, National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification
  • Director, Recreational Therapy at Bradford Woods
  • Supervisor, Therapeutic ServicesDepartment at Genesis Health Care
  • Coordinator, Respite and Recreation Program (Foster Care Support Program)
Research Interests

My research focuses on the development of empirically based therapeutic support programs that positively impact the social psychological health of children and families impacted by chronic illness, disability, and life stressors. Research centers on the implementation of recreational therapy based social support and health programs to enhance individual and group functioning. Theories focusing on social comparison in illness, network analysis, social capital, loneliness, liminality, and social rank theory are foundational to this line of research.

Selected Publications


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Dawson, S., Gilbert, K., Gilbert, R., Beckmeyer, J., & McCormick, B. (2016). Family Battle Buddies Program: A Therapeutic Program for Reintegrating National Guard Families. American Journal of Recreation Therapy.

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Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 44 (2), 105-120.