Alyce D. Fly
(812) 855-7975
PH 005

  • University of Illinois, Ph.D., 1991
  • University of Illinois, B.S., 1981
  • N530 Advanced Human Nutrition
  • N517 Research Presentations in Nutrition Science
  • N430 Advanced Nutrition
  • N432 Advanced Nutrition II
  • N231 Human Nutrition
  • N480 Mechanisms of Nutient Interaction in the Body
  • N520 Food Chemistry
  • N525 Food Chemistry Laboratory
  • N320 Food Chemistry
  • N325 Food Chemistry Laboratory
  • N321 Quantity Foods
  • N322 Food Service Systems Management
  • N536 Community Nutritiion
  • N336 Community Nutrition
  • Chair, Indiana Nutrition Council 2017-2019
  • Board Member, Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Foundation 2017-2018
  • Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, Co-Chair, Membership Committee,  7/2013 – 7/2017
  • Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, Director-at-Large, elected, 3-year term, 7/2013 – 7/2016
  • American Society for Nutrition, Nutritional Sciences Council, Secretary/Treasurer, elected, 2-year term, 2012-14
  • American Society for Nutrition, Senior Advisory Committee, Nutrition Education and Behavior Science Research Interest Section, July 2014-June 2016
  • Indiana University Chapter of Sigma Xi, Treasurer, The Scientific Research Society 2007 to present
  • Chair, Division of Higher Education, Society for Nutrition Education, 2004-2005
  • Membership in: American Diabetes Association, American Society for Nutrition, Institute of Food Technologists, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society, American Oil Chemists' Society, Sigma Xi - Treasurer for Indiana Chapter, Society for Nutrition Education, Indiana University Graduate School - Endorsed status
Research Interests

Our research team primarily addresses the public health problem of obesity. We have ongoing applied studies to help the Indiana Department of Education monitor changes in children's food intake behaviors due to the USDA Team Nutrition Program funding, and previously to studied implementation of USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program and Game On interventions in Indiana schools. Back in the laboratory we study the large data sets generated by the children's responses to questionnaires. The other focus in our laboratory is in the development of a model to study the effects of repeated snacking and types of diets on peripheral vascular health. We are following the body's vascular response by a test that is conducted before and after eating. We feed meals prepared in our food laboratory to subjects and measure changes in fingertip blood volume to determine the physiological response to our meals. We are trained to draw blood from our subjects to measure changes in blood factors in response to the meals. We work collaboratively with the Daleke laboratory group in the Medical Sciences Program. You may sometimes spot our subject recruitment posters located around the campus.  We also work with EBIOS faculty Ka He and Pencheng Xun.  We have studied factors that contribute to mothers’ continuation of exclusive breastfeeding with  former doctoral student Yeon Bai; she is now tenured at Montclair State University. We have collaborated with the Mickleborough, Stager, and Wallace laboratories in the kinesiology unit, the Middlestadt laboratory and Gassman laboratory of the Prevention Resource Center in the social-behavioral unit of our School.

Selected Publications

Selected Recent Refereed Publications, *student coauthor, Ϯcorresponding author

Murray KO*, Paris HL*, Fly AD, Chapman RF, and Mickleborough TDϮ. 2018. Carbohydrate mouth rinse improves cycling time-trial performance without altering plasma insulin concentration.  Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (ACCEPTED).

Chen Q*, Xun P, Tsinovoi C, Henschel B*, Fly AD, and He KϮ. 2018. The Association of herbal/botanical supplement use with quality of life, recurrence and survival in newly diagnosed stage II colon cancer patients: A two-year follow-up study.  Nutrition (ACCEPTED).

Liu Y*, Fly ADϮ, Wang Z, and Klaunig JE.   2017. The effects of green tea extract on working memory in healthy women.  Journal of Nutrition, Health, and Aging

Fly AD Ϯ.  2017. National menu labeling.  Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 49(4):273.  Invited, peer reviewed editorial. PMID: 28391796

Lin YC* and Fly ADϮ. 2016. USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program has greater effects on students from town and rural schools than those in more densely populated communities. Journal of School Health 86(11):769-777. Corresponding author. PMID: 27714867

Lin YC* and Fly ADϮ. 2016. Student Feedback to Improve the United States Department of Agriculture Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. Nutrition Research and Practice:10(3):321-7.  PMID: 27247729

Gassman RAϮ, Agley J, Fly AD, He K, Beckmeyer JJ, Sayegh MA, & Tidd DM. 2015. Using biological samples for youth ATOD survey validation: Focus group study. Addiction Research and Theory.

Lewis C, Xun P, Fly AD, Luo J, and He KaϮ. 2015.  Fish oil supplementation and quality of life, recurrence and survival in Stage II colorectal cancer patients: A 24-month follow-up study.  Nutrition and Cancer:  67(8):1241-1248.  PMID: 26380892

Dibaba DT*, Xun P, Fly AD, Kuninoba Y, and He KϮ. 2014.  Dietary magnesium intake and risk of metabolic syndrome: a meta-analysis.  Diabetic Medicine, 31(11):1301-1309.  PMID: 24975384