Victoria M. Getty
(812) 855-1531
Woodlawn House Building, Room 103

  • Pennsylvania State University, M.Ed., 1986
  • Pennsylvania State University, B.A., 1980
  • N120 - Introduction to Foods (lab)
  • N321 - Quantity Food Purchasing and Production
  • N322 - Management Systems in Dietetics
  • N331 - Life Cycle Nutrition
  • N336 - Public Health Nutrition
  • N401 - Issues in Dietetics

• Registered Dietitian
• Bloomington Habitat Stewards, Secretary/Treasurer, 2005-present
• Department of Applied Health Science Service Award, 2006
• SOTL Leadership Grant, Supporting Faculty for Food for Thought: An Action Agenda for the Scholarship of  Teaching and Learning, awarded April 2006
• Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Initiative Faculty, 2004-2009
• Treasurer, Indiana Nutrition Council, 2002-2008
• Purdue University Extension Specialist, Foods and Nutrition, 1996-1998
• Project Manager, Penn State Nutrition Center, 1988-1996
• Foreign Expert (English), FuXin Mining Institute, The People's Republic of China, 1986-1988

Research Interests

My School of Public Health responsibilities involve teaching and administration, not research. Nevertheless, I am interested in the pedogogy of teaching, especially service learning/community involvement as an adjunct to in-classroom teaching, and in the intersection of nutrition with environmental stewardship. A shared interest in environmental sustainability led me and an SPH colleague, Dr. Krisha Thiagarajah, into the research realm of food waste and recycling.

Selected Publications

Article - Thiagarajah, K., Getty, V. M., Johnson, L. H., & Taylor, E.A. (2017). Students’ attitude toward meatless meals in school lunches [abstract]. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 49 (suppl. 7S1), P108, S66-S67.

Article - Thiagarajah, K., Thompson, K. and Getty, V.M. (2015) Talking trash: Do university dining hall patrons or dishroom employees sort recyclables from trash more accurately? [abstract], Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 115:9 (suppl 2): A-58.

Article - Thiagarajah, K., Thompson, K., & Getty, V. (2015). Attitudes of university dining hall patrons toward recycling-An exploratory study [abstract]. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 47 (suppl. 4S), P12, S15.

Article - Thiagarajah, K., V.M. Getty, H.L. Johnson, M. Case, and S.J. Herr. (2015) Methods and challenges related to implementing the new National School Lunch Program regulations in Indiana, Journal of Child Nutrition & Management. 3 (1):1-11.

Article - Thiagarajah, K. and V.M. Getty (2013) Impact on plate waste of switching from a tray to a trayless delivery system in a university dining hall and employee response to the switch, Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 113(1):141-145.

Book - Schlegel, W., V.M. Getty, D. Henshel, J. Reidhaar, and H.L. Reynolds (2010). Food for Thought: A Multidisciplinary Faculty Grassroots Initiative for Sustainability and Service Learning in Reynolds, H.L., E.S. Brondizio, J. Meta Robinson, ed. Teaching Environmental Literacy: Across Campus and Across the Curriculum, Indiana University Press.