Deb Getz

Clinical Assistant Professor
Applied Health Science

SPH Engage
(812) 855-9072
PH C015 & PH 394

  • Ohio University, B.S., 1990
  • Ohio University, M.S., 1990
  • Indiana University, Re.D, 2000
  • R 100 Leadership Development Series Courses
  • R 281 Greenspace Management
  • R362 Therapeutic Communication
  • Program Manager, Eppley Insitute for Parks and Public Lands, Indiana University
  • Lecturer, Part-time Indiana University
  • Director of Research (Acting), National Center on Accessibility, Indiana University
  • Project Coordinator, Recreation Therapy Video Project, Indiana University
  • Recreational Therapist, Hillcrest Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Research Interests

Dr. Getz has fifteen years' experience as a teacher, consultant, researcher, and project manager. Her areas of expertise include curriculum design and diversity education for public parks, healthcare organizations, and non-profits.

Selected Publications

Getz, D.A., Hironaka-Juteau, J., Melcher, S. (2006). Diversity Case Studies in Healthcare, American Therapeutic Recreation Association: Alexandria, VA.

Getz, D.A. (2000) Identifying Key Multicultural Education Competencies for Entry-Level Professionals in Therapeutic Recreation.

Getz, D.A. Banik, S (2007) Diversity for Federal Employees, part of an online educational program for the National Park Service, through the Eppley Insitute for Parks and Public Lands