Alison Greene

PH 116

  • University of Arizona, PhD in Educational Psychology, 2017
  • Brandeis University, MA in Women's Studies and Sociology, 1998
  • Hamilton College, BA in Sociology, 1995
  • Director of Adolescent Research and Services and Research Social Scientist, Southwest Institute for Research on Women, University of Arizona
  • Senior Program Coordinator, Department of Women’s Studies, University of Arizona
  • Health Educator, Student Health Services, Temple University
  • Manager of Youth Education, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
  • Health Professions Organizer, Abortion Access Project
  • National Meeting Coordinator, New Leadership Networking Initiative
  • National Coordinator, National Young Women’s Day of Action
  • Founder, The Lion and the Sun: Menstrual Health Education and Products
  • Residence Director, Berklee College of Music
Selected Publications

Greene, A., Ostlie, E., & Kagan, R. (2016). The process of integrating practices: The juvenile drug court and Reclaiming Futures logic model. Drug Court Review, X (1), 31-59.

Greene, A., Thompson-Dyck, K., Wright, M.S., Davis, M., & Haverly, K. (2016). Community engagement: Perspectives on an essential element of juvenile drug courts implementing Reclaiming Futures. Drug Court Review, X (1), 116-154.

Stevens, S., Korchmaros, J.D., & Greene, A. (Eds.). (2016). Findings from the national cross-site evaluation of juvenile drug courts and Reclaiming Futures [Guest Edition]. Drug Court Review, X (1).

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