Cheryl L. Holmes
(812) 855-4019
Poplars Building, 621

  • Indiana University, M.S., 1990
  • Indiana University, B.G.S, 1987
  • Indiana University, A.S., 1970
  • H174 Preventtion of Violence in American Society
  • S151 Legal Aspects of Safety
  • S202 Fire Protection and Prevention
  • S210 OSHA Standards for General Industry
  •  23 years experience in the field of safety and health, helping organizations comply with safety and health standards and teaching a variety of audiences best safety management practices in Indiana, South Carolina, Florida, Washington State, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana.
  • Following her graduation from IU, she was employed as an Occupational Safety and Health Specialist for the U.S. Navy and a Compliance Safety and Health Officer for OSHA.
  • Worked in Montana as the Senior Safety Professional and Public Safety Program Manager for the Montana Power Company and as an Associate Professor of Occupational Safety and Health and Industrial Hygiene at Montana Tech of the University of Montana. She founded the Montana Construction Safety Alliance, which is dedicated to protecting the safety and welfare of Montana construction workers.
  • She has consulted with private clients on OSHA compliance, audits, and inspections; litigation assistance; ergonomic program development; ADA compliance; systems safety analysis; behavior-based safety program development; and construction safety.
  • In December 2000 she returned to IU as the Associate Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety Management before joining the Department of Applied Health Science as a Senior Lecturer and Safety Program Coordinator.
  • Cheryl worked with Dr. Andrew Kapp of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW) to submit a successful application to OSHA for IU and UWW to partner in a new OSHA Training Institute Education Center. Together they formed the Heartland OTI Education Center. Cheryl served as Executive Director for the first year of the Center's operation, providing the Center with sound administrative and operations leadership. She returned to her first love, teaching, in January 2009.
  • She received a Certified Safety Professional in Comprehensive Practice (C.S.P.) certification from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals in 1993 and a Certified Utility Safety Administrator (C.U.S.A.) certification from the National Safety Council in 2000. She is a professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers.