Koichi Kitano

(812) 855-3714
PH 074

  • Indiana University, Ph.D., 2011
  • Indiana University, M.S., 2004
  • Osaka University, B.S., 1992
Research Interests
  • Human performance as integration and coordination of motor control.
  • Effect of neural plasticity in the spinal cord upon human behavior.
  • Effects of aging upon spinal neuro-mechanisms and postural stability of humans.
  • Adaptation and fatigue in force generation of skeletal muscle.
Selected Publications

Kitano, K., Koceja, D.M. Spinal reflex in human lower leg muscles evoked by transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation. Journal of Neuroscience Methods. Volume 180, issue 1, 30 May 2009, Pages 111-115.

Kitano, K., Tsuruike, M., Robertson, C.T., Koceja, D.M. Effects of a Complex Balance Task on soleus H-reflex and presynaptic inhibition in humans. Electromyography and Clinical Neurophysiology. 2009 Jul-Aug, 49(5):235-43.


Kitano, K., Tahayori, B., Tsuruike, M., Koceja, D.M. Effects of conditioning stimulation of post-activation depression in human soleus H-reflex. (11/2010, Society for Neuroscience 39th annual meeting, San Diego, CA)

Kitano, K., Nichols, T.M., Britton, R.A., Pisoni, D.B., Koceja, D.M. Cognitive Function and Postural Sway among the Elderly. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 40(5) Supplement 1:S344, May 2008

Kitano, K., Nicholes, T.M., Koceja, D.M. Functional importance of the Gastrocnemius demonstrated by suppression in spinal reflex susequent to 5-week balance training in the elderly. (11/2007, Society for Neuroscience 37th annual meeting, San Diego, CA)

Kitano, K., Tsuruike, M., Robertson, C.T., Koceja, D.M. Depression and Recovery of Spinal Synaptic Efficacy Following a Balance Task. (6/2006, ACSM meeting, Denver, CO)