Leif Madsen

(812) 855-4548
PH C204

  • Indiana University, Ph.D, 2017
  • University of Northern Iowa, MS, 2013
  • Luther College, BA, 2008
  • SPH-A269-Clincal Education in Athletic Training I
  • SPH-A269-Clincal Education in Athletic Training II
  • SPH-A281-Clincal Education in Athletic Training III
  • SPH-A481-Clincal Education in Athletic Training IV
  • SPH-A279-Recog. & Eval. of Lower Extremity Injury
  • SPH-A590-Athletic Training Principles for Lower Extremity
  • Indiana University Grant-in-Aid of Doctoral Research Award 2017
  • Indiana University School of Public Health Student Research Grant 2016
  • Indiana University, School of Public Health, Graduate Student Fellowship
  • Associate Instructor at Indiana University - 2014-2017
  • Adjunct Instructor at University of Northern Iowa - Fall 2013-Spring 2014
Selected Publications
Madsen L.P., Hall E.A., Docherty C.L. (2017). Assessing Outcomes in People having Chronic Ankle Instability: The Ability of Functional Performance Tests to Measure Deficits in Physical Function and Perceived Instability. Journal of Orthopaedic Sports Physical Therapy: In Press.

Madsen L.P., Evans T., Snyder K.,& Docherty C.L. (2016). PROMIS Physical Function Item Bank v.1.0: Physical Function Assessment for Athletic Patient Populations. Journal of Athletic Training, 51(9).

Madsen L.P., Hall E.A., Docherty C.L. (2015). Assessment of bilateral limb differences in unipedal functional performance tests. British Journal of Sports Medicine. October: 49 (1 Suppl), A19-A20.