Beth Meyerson

Associate Professor
Applied Health Science

Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention
(812) 855-0585 TWITTER: @Beth_Meyerson
PH 116

  • Saint Louis University, Ph.D., 2002
  • Christian Theological Seminary, MDiv, 1992
  • University of Michigan, B.A., 1988
  • Public Health Policy and Politics
  • Organization and Administration of Public Health Programs (online)
  • Foundations of Public Health
  • Acquiring and Managing External Funds for Health and Human Services
  • Culminating Experience
  • Message for Prospective MPH and doctoral students
  • National Board of Directors – Lambda Legal
  • President/CEO, Policy Resource Group, LLC - 1998-2011
  • Co-Chair, Panel on Prevention Programs, Capacity Building and Program Evaluation and member of the Steering Committee for the External Peer Review of the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention Surveillance, Research, and HIV Prevention Programs. Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - 2009
  • Institute of Medicine, Committee on Ryan White: Data for Resource Allocation, Planning and Evaluation - 2002-2003
  • Board of Directors - American Social Health Association - 2002-2008
  • Chief, Bureau of STD/HIV Prevention, State of Missouri - 1994-1998
Research Interests

Dr. Meyerson has been involved with public health policy and systems for the past 20 years. Her systems research includes the identification of need and opportunities for system expansion of access to sexual health services. This has included the study of alternative screening venues for cervical cancer (STD clinics) and HIV testing (pharmacy practice expansion and community health centers). Her policy research focuses on policy behaviors and their measurement, particularly by public institutions. Examples of this work include studies of state STD investment, local public health accreditation, and reported policy behaviors of state STD programs and local health departments. Dr. Meyerson has worked throughout the United States, in sub-Saharan Africa, in India and the Caribbean.

Current Research
  • Cervical cancer screening in STD Clinics
  • Evidence-based policy communication for cervical cancer and HPV
  • Implementation of syringe access policy in Indiana
  • Institutional Analysis of Public Health Systems, Southern Indiana
  • Local public health accreditation
  • State use of public health policy tools for cancer prevention
  • Pharmacies as means of extending access to HIV testing
  • Center for HPV Research, IUPUI
  • The Kinsey Institute, Affiliate Faculty
  • IU Simon Cancer Center, Cancer Prevention and Control Program
  • Department of Gender Studies, Affiliate Faculty
  • African Studies Program
Selected Publications

Books and Chapters

Crosby RA. & Meyerson BE. STI counseling and condom use instruction: Opportunities for STI clinics. In J. Zenilman and M. Shahmanesh (Eds.) Sexually Transmitted Infections and Reproductive Health -- A Guide for Clinicians. Elsevier Publishing, 2011.

Meyerson BE, Martich FA, Naehr GP. Ready to Go: The History and Contributions of U.S. Public Health Advisors. Research Triangle Park: American Social Health Association, 2008.


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