Brian Moscicki
(812) 856-7231
PH 170

  • Springfield College, Ph.D., 2014
  • East Carolina University, M.S., 2008
  • SUNY Brockport College, B.S., 2005
  • SPH K533 Advanced Theories of High Level Performance
  • MSCI M115 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Academic Specialist/Lecturer in Medical Sciences Program at Indiana University - Bloomington
Research Interests

My current research focuses on a combined biomechanical and physiological examination of triathlon performance. My most recent work was to examine the effect of short crank arm lengths on power output, cycling economy, and ventilation while cycling in a triathlon position at subthreshold intensity. I will continue to examine the effects of short crank arm lengths on performance in triathlon, including the effect on fatigue and the bike-to-run transition.

Selected Publications
Moscicki, B., Burrus, B., , Matthews, T., & Paolone, V. (2016). Cycling with shorter crank lengths at same VO2 leads to increased power output. American College of Sports Medicine Annual National Meeting, Boston, MA.

Burrus, B., Moscicki, B., Matthews, T., & Paolone, V. (2015). The effect of acute L-carnitine and carbohydrate supplementation on exercise parameters. American College of Sports Medicine Annual National Meeting, San Diego, CA.  I presented in place of Dr. Burrus due to his absence

Vitti, S., Hutchinson, J.C., Dalton, P., Moscicki, B. & O'Neill, E. (2013). The effect of attentional focus on time to fatigue, RPE, and motor unit recruitment in an isometric task. New England American College of Sports Medicine, Providence, RI.

Hortobagyi, T., Moscicki, B., Rider, P., DeVita, P., Steinweg, K., Solnik, S., Lin, P., Bai, O. & Hallett, M. (2010) Effects of age and gait tasks on muscle to muscle coherence. The 3rd International Congress on Gait and Mental Function, Washington DC.

Moscicki, M., Lin, P., Bai, O., Pickett, S., DeVita, P., Hallett, M. & Hortobagyi, T. (2007) Muscleto-Muscle EMG coherence during walking in young and old adults. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (suppl.) 39, s105.