Cecilia S. Obeng

(812) 856-0502
PH 296-I

  • Indiana University, Ph.D., 2002
  • Indiana University, M.A., 1999
  • University of Ghana, B.A., 1994
  • H150 Children's Health
  • F459 Families & Atypical Children
  • F304 Healty Children: Breastfeeding Promotion in Global Communities
  • H414 Health Education in Pre- K-6
  • F504 Breastfeeding: Practice and Policy
  • F550 Families, Culture and Atypicality
  • H514 Health Education Pedagogy in Pre-K and Elementary Years
  • T580 Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry in Public Health Research
  • Chair, America School Health Association (Early Childhood Council)
  • Emerald Literati Network Outstanding Paper Award
Research Interests
  • Infant Feeding (Breastfeeding) and Child Health
  • Culture and Immigrant Families’ Health
  • The Role of the Family in the Development of the Child Especially Children with Health Problems
  • Pre-School Children’s Health
  • Culture, Care, and Child Health
Selected Publications


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