John S. Raglin

(812) 855-1844
PH 112-I

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D., 1988
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, M.S., 1984
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S., 1980
  • SPH K405 Exercise and Sport Psychology
  • SPH M525 Psychological Foundations of Exercise and Sport
  • Fellow-American Academy of Kinesiology
  • Fellow-American Psychological Association (Division 38: Health Psychology; Division 47; Exercise and Sport Psychology)
  • Fellow-American College of Sports Medicine
Research Interests

Exercise and mental health Anxiety and sport performance Overtraining Syndrome Pacing strategies in sport performance The placebo effect in sport and exercise Behavioral and psychological determinants of physical activity.

Selected Publications

Raglin, J. & Beebe, K., (2018). Psychological attributes of the young athlete. In Elite Youth Cycling. Routledge Research in Paediatric Sport and Exercise, A. Nimmerichter (Ed.). Taylor & Francis: London (p. 177-206).

Beedie, C., Benedetti, F., Barbiani, D., Camerone, E., Cohen, E., Coleman, D., Davis, A., Elsworth-Edelsten, C., Flowers, E., Foad, A., Harvey, S., Hettinga, F., Hurst, P., Lane, A., Lindheimer, J., Raglin, J., Roelands, B., Schiphof-Godart, L., Szabo. A. (2018) Consensus statement on placebo effects in sports and exercise: The need for conceptual clarity, methodological rigour, and the elucidation of neurobiological mechanisms, European Journal of Sport Science, (1746-1391DOI: 10.1080/17461391.2018.1496144)

Beedie, C., Whyte, G., Lane, A.M., Cohen, E., Raglin, J., Hurst, P., Coleman, D. & Foad, A. (2018 press). Caution, this treatment is a placebo. It might work, but it might not: Why emerging mechanistic evidence for placebo effects does not legitimize of complementary and alternative medicine/ in sport.  British Journal of Sports Medicine. 52:817-818

Micklewright, D., Kegerreis, S, Raglin, J. &  Florentina, H. (2017) Will the conscious-subconscious pacing quagmire help elucidate the mechanisms of self-paced exercise? New opportunities in dual process theory and process tracing methods. Sports Medicine. 47: 1231-1239.

McGowan, C.J.,  Ben Rattray , B., Pyne, D.B, Thompson, K.G.,  & Raglin, J.S. (2017). Morning exercise enhances afternoon sprint swimming performance. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. 12: 605-611.

Montserrat, R.C., Hanin, J. & Raglin, J.S. (2017). Individual zones of optimal functioning (IZOF) model (1978- 2014): Historical overview of its development and use, International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology.15, 41-65.

McGowan, G.J., Pyne, D.B., Thompson, K.G., Raglin, J.S., Osborne, & Rattray, B. (2017). Elite sprint swimming performance is enhanced by completion of additional warm-up activities, Journal of Sports Sciences, 35:15, 1493-1499, DOI: 10.1080/02640414.2016.1223329.

Shei, R-J, Adamic, E. Raglin, J. Thompson, K. & Mickleborough, T. (2017). Commentary: Improvements in cycling time trial performance are not sustained following the acute provision of challenging and deceptive feedback. Frontiers in Physiology, 8, 31.

McGowan C.J., Pyne, D.B., Thompson, K.G., Raglin, J.S., Osborne, M. & Rattray, B. (2017). Elite sprint swimming performance is enhanced by completion of additional warm-up activities. Journal of Sports Science, 17: 1484-1492.

McGowan, Courtney J., Pine, D.B, Raglin, J. S., Rattray, B. (2016) Current warm-up practices and contemporary issues faced by elite swimming coaches. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 30.12,  3471-3480.

Shei, Ren-Jay, Chapman, R.F., Raglin, J.S., Thompson, K.G. & Mickleborough, T.D. (2016). Deception and Exercise Performance During Repeated 4-km Cycling Time Trials. International Journal of Sports Medicine. 37, 341-346.

McGowan, C.J.,  Ben Rattray , B., Pyne, D.B, Thompson, K.G.,  & Raglin, J.S. (2016). Heated jackets and dryland-based activation exercises used as additional warm-ups during transition enhance print swimming performance. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 19, 354-358.

Curriculum Vitae