Rachel Ryder

(812) 856-1990
PH 296D

  • Indiana University, Ph.D., 2013
  • Indiana University, M.S., 2005
  • Indiana University, B.G.S., 2001
  • SPH K419-Fitness Testing and Interpretation
  • SPH K395-Fitness Specialist Practicum
  • SPH K216-Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health
2013-2014:  Postdoctoral Fellowship in Motor Control, Indiana University School of Public Health
Research Interests

My teaching and creative interests focus on academic service-learning and community engagement through teaching. I use academic service-learning to provide students with authentic learning experiences that require critical thinking and problem-solving in a community setting. For kinesiology students, service-learning course work provides an engaged and relevant view of their discipline and provides opportunities to practice discipline specific ways of thinking in a practical setting to enhance students ability to address contemporary health challenges.

Selected Publications


Ryder, R., Kitano, K., Alan P., Enyart, M., and Koceja D. Contralateral Conditioning to the Soleus H-Reflex as a Function of Age and Physical Activity. Experimental Brain Research, 2015, 1-11. doi:10.1007/s00221-015-4430-6. This study was supported by NIH Grant (1R21AG035158-01)

Kiessling II, P., Kennedy-Armbruster, C, FACSM., Deinhart, M., Kerby, M., Ryder, R., Zukerman, K., Schaefer, S. (2017). Move More, Sit Less? Analysis of an Employer Activity Tracker Workplace Wellness Program. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, 2017

Joseph, N., Ryder, R., Phipps, A., The Influence of Conditioning Stimulus Intensity on Crossed Spinal H-reflex Responses. (2015). Indiana University, Hutton Honors College, Undergraduate Student Research Fair.

Ryder, R., Kitano, K., Koceja, D.M. (2010). Spinal reflex adaptation in dancers: Changes with body orientation and role of pre-synaptic inhibition. J Dance Med Sci. 14(4): 155-162

Conference Presentations

Ryder, R., Kitano, K., Koceja, DM.  Crossed-spinal Modulation of the Soleus H-reflex:  The Effects of Age and Physical Activity.  (2012).  Society of Neuroscience Annual Meeting.

Koichi, K., Ryder, R., Tahayori, B., Koceja, DM.  Crossed-spinal influence on the human soleus H-reflex and efficiency of postural recovery from perturbation in young and elderly subjects.  (2012).  Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting

Ryder, R., Kitano, K., Hong, S., Riley Z., Koceja, DM.  (2011).  Crossed-spinal reflexes and postural recovery in seniors:  Preliminary findings.  Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting.

Ryder, R., Koceja, DM.  Spinal Cord Adaptations involved in Dance Skill Acquisition and Maintenance.  (2008).  International Association Dance Medicine and Science Annual Meeting.