Brandon Sieg
(812) 855-3984
PH 296

  • Indiana University, M.S.
  • Indiana University, B.S., 1996
  • E147 Beginning Hapkido
  • E247 Intermediate Hapkido
  • E151 Self defense
  • E150 Beginning Taekwondo
  • E250 Intermediate Taekwondo
  • P445 Special Topics in Kinesiology?Intro to the Martial Arts Industry
  • Vice President-United States Hapkido Federation
  • Martial Arts Coordinator, DePauw University
  • Head Instructor, Gentry Martial Arts
  • Certified FAST Defense Instructor in multiple modules
  • Two different black belts in the art of Hapkido
  • Two different black belts in the art of Taekwondo
  • Certified Tai Chi instructor
Research Interests

Current research predominantly revolves around the difference between "traditional" martial arts and modern self defense training.

Selected Publications


Traditional Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Association Student Manual. Bloomington, IN: Self published, 2000 TTCA Black Belt Companion. Bloomington, IN: self published, 2007


"How Western Perceptions Influenced the Martial Arts in Old Shanghai." Journal of Asian Martial Arts, 6 no 2. (2007): 26-43.

Gravitation versus Change: Explaining the Relationship between Personality Traits and Martial Arts Training. Journal of Asian Martial Arts, 13 no 3 (2004): 8-23.