Braden T Singleton

Smith Research Center, Military Science Annex - 152D

  • Indiana University, Ph.D. - Human Performance, Present
  • California University, M.S. - Sport Psychology, 2011
  • Indiana University, B.S. - Kinesiology, 2009
  • K316 Advanced Conditioning
  • I130 Army Physical Fitness
  • K450 Methods in Functional Movement Screening
  • Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach    
  • Research Associate
  • Civilian Contractor / Field Readiness Instructor for the United States Servicemembers
  • IU Faculty
Research Interests

My research interests include performance-based metrics, physical and psychological, which have prompt and useful carryover to our Servicemembers preparing for and/or returning from deployment.

Selected Publications
Functional Movement Ability, Strength, Flexibility, Fatigue, and Obesity Associations in a Military 40+ Population. C. Kennedy-Armbruster, L. Sexauer, E. Evans FACSM, W. Wyatt, B. Singleton, J. Braspenninx, Department of Kinesiology, Indiana University Bloomington, Navy Fitness CNIC, University of Georgia

Army ROTC Experience of College Freshmen and Corresponding Factors Which Embolden Them to Become Military Officers‬‬. Brady Singleton,M.S., Department of Kinesiology, Indiana University Bloomington, Cecilia S. Obeng, Ph.D., Department of Applied Health Science, Indiana University Bloomington

I work as an intermediary between the Department of Kinesiology and Military Science, helping to a) facilitate Army ROTC tactical athlete development via assessment and training  b) teaching performance-based course content within SPH and c) bringing the aforementioned practical and theoretical components together for creative student learning opportunities.