IU Bloomington campus receives full accreditation for high standards of lab animal care

Oct. 31, 2013


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The Indiana University Bloomington campus has been awarded full accreditation from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care. The accreditation effort, led by Vice President for Research Jorge José and attending veterinarian and Lab Animal Resources Director Randall Peper, affirms IU’s commitment to responsible care and use of animals in science. 

IU Bloomington’s accreditation followed an in-depth, on-site evaluation of the institution’s animal care and use program by representatives from the Council on Accreditation. The council specifically cited the campus’ strong administrative commitment to the program, the commitment and engagement of the IU Bloomington Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and excellent husbandry and animal care. The council also noted the high level of facility cleanliness, the knowledgeable animal care staff, and the well-functioning system for reporting, treating and following veterinary clinical cases.

“AAALAC accreditation recognizes that IU Bloomington is committed to the highest standards of animal care and use,” José said.

As the National Association for Biomedical Research notes, most major medical advances of the last century have depended upon animal research, and nearly every Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded since 1901 has been dependent on data from animal models. Scientific advances using animals at IU have included the discovery that animal models of memory are closer to human that previously thought, as well as a clearer understanding of cocaine addiction and of aggression in “angry birds.” IU faculty also study animals in their own habitats to understand their natural history.

About the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International

The Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care is a voluntary accrediting organization that enhances the quality of research, teaching and testing by promoting humane, responsible animal care and use.  It provides advice and independent assessments to participating institutions and accredits those that meet or exceed applicable standards.

IU Bloomington maintains an Animal Welfare Assurance with the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare and is a registered research facility with the United States Department of Agriculture.