IU School of Public Health-Bloomington publishes strategic plan

Feb. 13, 2017

Following a process spearheaded by faculty, the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington recently completed and published its Strategic Plan-2021. The plan is now available online.

The primary goal of the process, according to Executive Associate Dean Shawn Gibbs, who co-led the process with Associate Professor Jon Macy and Clinical Assistant Professor Jo Anna Shimek, was to establish a central curricular identity and direction for the school in order to align resources for research around curricular strength and help further establish the school’s national reputation. As part of the Strategy Planning Steering Committee, the school’s Academic Council and the chairs of each department drove the process of developing the plan and worked to ensure the voice of the faculty was present throughout the planning and in the final strategy document.

“It’s important to us that faculty, staff, and students in the school had the opportunity to provide input during the process. This isn’t my strategic plan or the Dean’s strategic plan, it’s our plan and it’s about how we’re all going to move our school forward in the future,” Macy says.

Each department, center, and institute worked to complete an assessment of their area and determine their unit’s three to five points of distinctiveness for the next five to 10 years. Included in the discussion among each unit was how their work aligns with the goals of the School of Public Health-Bloomington, the “big bold ideas” outlined by the school’s Vision Committee, and the University’s priorities included in the Bicentennial Strategic Plan.

Following the work done by the individual units, the Strategy Planning Steering Committee, led by Shimek, reviewed and merged all the documents into one draft, which was then sent to an external advisory committee for their comments and recommendations.

“The opportunity to have external advisors review our draft document and offer their comments is an enormously beneficial piece of this process,” Shimek explains. “The group we’ve worked with includes five experts in public health from outside of our school as well as members of our Dean’s Alliance. Their thoughtful comments and suggestions were well received by our steering committee and incorporated, as appropriate, into our draft document.”

After the external review, school faculty, staff, students, and the various units received the Strategy Planning Document draft for their review and to begin developing a five-year implementation plan for the goals outlined for their specific unit. The final plan was then reviewed by the entire Dean’s Alliance, and the Provost’s Office before being distributed to the school’s faculty and staff as well as the Dean’s Alliance and Provost.

“As a member of the school’s faculty, as well as co-leader of this process, I’m very excited to see the final plan and be a part of its implementation beginning in 2017,” Macy says. “This plan will help us continue to grow and move forward as a school in a focused and cohesive way. I know we’ll continue to do great research and prepare the next generation of public health leaders.”